marți, 17 ianuarie 2012


The only way to shoot more interesting photographs
is to become a more interesting person.
And, how do you do that?

Listen more, talk less.
Travel more.
Make friends with people who are smarter than you.
Eat stuff you never tried before.
Date your wife. Or husband.
Go some place scary.
Change political parties for a while.
Read more novels. Read more poems.
Go to a mosque. Go to a church or go to a synagogue. Go to
a house of worship that's not your current brand.
Go to museums. Look at the art.
Go on a life threatening adventure.
Try spending time between artists.
Change your habits.
Learn new stuff from your kids.
Pick a place that's one tank of gas away and go there.
Try your hand at abstract painting.
Take naps in the middle of the day and stay up all night.
Spend a month on a cargo ship; or a fishing boat.
Put down your cameras until you really learn how to tell interesting stories.

Become a more interesting person
and you'll take more interesting photographs.
Kirk Tuck

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  1. M-ai intrebat de unde stiu ca esti un tip de treaba si ai sun suflet bun? Ei bine....cineva care are o sensibilitate pentru nevoiasi, batrani si animale..cum poate fi o persoana rea? Numai ca "talk less and listen more" nu prea e punctul tau forte..cel putin nu cu noi:D. Interesante articole, cel putin pentru noi, necunoscatorii.